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Monday, May 9, 2011

Best. Dinner. Ever.

This would probably seem crazy to most people, but when I am in France with my family, it is very common for us to have only cheese for dinner. By only cheese though, I mean cheese with a salad and some really good bread like you find only in France. And it's not the kind of cheese you find around here in Boston. It's 20 different types of awesome cheese. 
On a typical day in my parents' fridge you would find around 20 types of cheeses, that we would eat for dinner or a quick snack. I am always surprised how Americans eat cheese as an appetizer. In France we always eat cheese between the main dish and the dessert. A four course meal (appetizer, entree, cheese, dessert) is very normal. That's also why we eat smaller portions. There is no way I could eat all that food with American sized portions!

Cheese is one of the foods I miss most here. I've found that Whole Foods or specialty stores have good ones but they're just too expensive, it hurts my feelings. So whenever I go to visit my parents, one the first things I do is opening the fridge, taking a slice of bread, and enjoying a bite of tasty cheese...

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