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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Flat Roast Chicken

I have always loved roasted chicken. This might be due to the numerous roasted chicken I've had in my childhood. For me, roasted chicken means having my grandparents come from the north west of France with 10 chicken in their trunks, and these chicken come directly from a farm where they have run freely outside eating only good stuff until they make it to my plate. These chicken are usually twice the size of the ones I find around here and the meat is much more tender. I always have trouble understanding why american people eat so much chicken when according to me it's pretty hard to find good chicken in this country. I always either buy organic chicken or I go to a local poultry shop that sells one of the best chicken I've had in the area.

So when I found this recipe for roasted chicken on Tracey's blog, I really wanted to try it. First I thought it was interesting because I never had chicken like that before, second I thought it would be a good cooking challenge for myself since I had never deboned anything in my life. If only I had known how much work this would be, maybe I wouldn't have felt so excited. The result is definitely pretty tasty. The chicken was tender and juicier than when you roast it without deboning it. The cooking time is also less than what it would normally be.

However, deboning that animal was A LOT of work. You need to remove the backbone of the chicken in order to flaten it. Maybe I should say first that I didn't have scissors, which might explain a lot. I had to remove the backbone with a big kitchen knife that is not very sharp. Also, I am not a big fan of working with raw meat. I can take a steak or a chicken thigh, season it and cook it, but working with a whole raw chicken to debone it was not my cup of tea. When I was done, I felt like I had accomplished something extraordinary and the result looked like this:

Overall, I would say it was a very good chicken, but was it worth the work? I am not sure. Maybe it's much easier with scissors... I encourage you to visit Tracey's blog for the recipe. As a suggestion, you can serve it with a side of pan fried potatoes. You only need to cut them and then they will cook in the pan while you work on your chicken.

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